There will be an examination at the end of each year. The students are required to take the Preliminary Examination, the Intermediate Examination and the Final Examination at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years respectively.
The examinations are generally held in the month of October and April each year. If a student interesting to take an examination he should submit an application for admission as a candidate. He should also pay the requisite examination fee. Students are required to read the notices on the Notice Board in this connection. Note that no applications will be entertained after the closing date of receiving applications.
The students in the Preliminary Year and the Intermediate Year are normally allowed only four attempts to sit their examinations. To pass an examination the Candidate should get an average of 50% marks and a minimum of 40% in each subject. A candidate who obtains an average of 50% and obtains between 30-39 in one subject only will be referred in that subject, and such a candidate may take that subject alone on two occasions only. If he/she does not obtain at least 50% of the maximum number of marks in the referred subject, he/she will be required to offer all the subjects when re-entering for the examination. Students who score 70% or above in the aggregate are awarded the 1st Class Honours passes and students who score 60% - 69.9% in the aggregate of marks are awarded the 2nd Class Honours passes.
Any student who wishes to withdraw his/her application may do so at any time not less than one week before the commencement of such examination by applying to the Principal.
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